Update 12/9/15


Swimming is finally over and It ended with a bang. Sections went great and our banquet was just this past weekend. Sections was the most fun meet I’ve ever been to/swam in. So much excitement to make final times or get state cuts. I didn’t make it back to finals but I dropped a lot of time in my two individual races. I dropped 9 seconds in my 200 IM and 6 seconds in my 100 Back which was a pretty big drop for me. Megan schultze beat a pool record in the 100 Breaststroke and Lizzy Giese made it to state in her 200 IM.

Our banquet was very fun and emotional,with half of our girls being seniors there were a ton of pictures and thank yous. So thank you to my team for making it the best season yet. And thank you to my coaches for always pushing me and believing in me no matter how good or bad I swam at meets or in practice.


I am proud to officially say that I will be attending Bethel university next year! And I am very excited to attend and be a royal.

School right now is very easy, my class load is low and the semester ends next week! Looking forward to Christmas! 

I hope y’all all have a great holiday season and a happy new year!


Random update 10/7


Swimming has been great this past month, but on Halloween we have JVC which are our jv championships and then in 2 weeks after, we have our varsity sections, which all means that my senior swim season is coming to a close. I haven’t ever planed on swimming in college on account of my top schools not having a team. But now after my most recent trip to Bethel I have discovered that they have a swim club. Sure it isn’t a swim team or “club swimming”, but it is a extra curricular activity and since auditioning into a schools orchestra program right now is not ideal, swim club could be the next best thing for meeting people and getting excercise!  


Highschool is going great and is a tad bit boring mostly because of PSEO. BUT sleeping in and taking online classes is very nice. I am only taking 2 classes; stats and orchestra at the highschool and they are boringgg. Stats has homework but I’m in regular so it’s pretty easy and for orchestra we are preparing for our fall concert. We are playing October, Brittens “Simple Symphony movement 1”, light Calvary overture, and a arrangement of Star Wars which we will be playing with the 8th graders. For my college classes in contemporary world history we are playing a strange game in which we all have roles in India and have goals. Me and Huyen get to play the role of “adherents of Ghandi” so this will certianly be an interesting next 3 weeks. In Engligh “the novel” we are still reading the book thief and I still have a 100% on all assignments,  leading me to perfectly believe my teacher is a easy grader, which is a nice plus for my GPA.

Leading me to my next point of colleges. I’ve been very stressed lately with applying   To my top schools and doing my  college essays so far. Bethel is my top choice and I am praying so hard that I am accepted. I will be majoring in Biology (B.S) and then going on to become a PA. But I just recently visited again confirming my decision that I want to go to Bethel more  than Northwestern.

Friends and family: 

Everyone has been sick in the family for the last 2 weeks so tissues are flying out the window. Mitch has his 16th birthday coming up on Monday and he will be taking his drivers test. PLEASE let him pass! Good luck mitch! But this just means we will have to share the car haha!  My parents are busy as always working and busy taking care of my Grandma Z. One of my good friends Courtney turned 18 yesterday but we threw her a suprise party last Saturday and it was loads of fun! This coming Friday my friends and I are all planning to go to our schools last home football game and then afterwards we will hang out and have some fun!  

 I also have just hit my 3 months with Jason. So thanks babe for sticking with me all summer and this fall so far. You are the best.  



Firsts and lasts 9/16/15

Being a senior this year I have already started to experience my Lasts and  firsts. My Last conference relays for swimming, my Last meet against certain schools, my last first day of school, my first and last meet at the u,my first and only powder puff game, my last homecoming, etc. And I know there will be many more to come. I’m excited for college and all the experiances I will have. I am ready for college, but senior year is already flying by so fast. I wish my other high school years would have been faster, and then I could have all the fun as a senior.

 Sooner than I know, I will be standing next to the people I’ve grown up with, walking with them, taking pictures in caps and gowns, going to a million graduation parties, and soon saying goodbye to the best friends I’ve known.


The swim season is also half way done. Many times I wish I had gone 6 years instead of 4. But now I only  wish I had more time with the friends I’ve made, and I know I will forsure visit next year!  Being a captain has allowed me to experiance leadership from a different point and I have a new found respect for everything my coaches do for me.

I’m excited what the rest of senior year has in store for me, and I’m excited to make a ton of memories along the way.