Cheers to 2016

So 2016 has ended. Within 2016 I graduated and started college. A big growing year for me, as senior year you find out who your true friends are and in college you make some new ones. 

I learned important lessons in terms of my relationships, motivation, and adulting. I am very excited to see what 2o17 will bring.

First of all my most important relationship is with Christ. Thinking back, I’ve been more of a follower in high school than a leader. I can see myself going to church and youth group, going through the motions but never applying anything I learned to my life. I decided mainly to go to Bethel based on the fact that I could find people to hold me accountable in my faith. I wanted to become a leader and learn more about the Bible. Bethel and God have already opened my eyes to so many people and opportunities to help me expand my horizon. 

Being at Bethel has increased my heart for those suffering, the prosecuted church, and has grown my faith. The main things God has put on my heart this past year:

Love as Christ on this earth. 

God: I will give you what you need and not what you want.

Two things I’m pretty sure I’ve said frequently, but I feel this this year I have been called to love. Love can show up in various ways but Jesus called us to love like he did. 

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”‭‭ Genesis‬ ‭1:27.

God created us to have a greater purpose on earth as being God on earth and calls us to live like his son. That has just been pulling at my heart strings a lot lately. 

Second I have learned to not ask God for things but ask for his help and trust that he will provide things in time according to his plan. At Bethel relationships and marriage are encouraged and it can become a little tedious and stressful for some. Girls (and guys) become obsessed with trying to find a husband (or wife) and the need vs. want topic had already came up various times in talking about relationships. My roommate and I tell a lot of people that, “if he doesn’t pursue you with the same fervor that the lord does, then don’t waste your time”. An important thing to remember if you are a young woman.

Motivation and adulting have came with college as it’s much more independent and stressful with the course work than I ever experienced in a community college and high school. It was pretty easy adjustment for me in just the transition and fitting in since I’m already pretty independent but I did have to learn how to stop procrastination and organize when I would get projects done or study or even in organizing what I did with free time. Another big thing I had to learn was how to say no. I always wanted to go go go and be social but sometimes for your own health you gotta say no. Saying no has been hard sometimes since I don’t like missing out, but I never regretted my decisions in the end.

Those were just somethings I learned as a 19 year old. I hope everyone has a happy, healthy New Year!!


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