Firsts and lasts 9/16/15

Being a senior this year I have already started to experience my Lasts and  firsts. My Last conference relays for swimming, my Last meet against certain schools, my last first day of school, my first and last meet at the u,my first and only powder puff game, my last homecoming, etc. And I know there will be many more to come. I’m excited for college and all the experiances I will have. I am ready for college, but senior year is already flying by so fast. I wish my other high school years would have been faster, and then I could have all the fun as a senior.

 Sooner than I know, I will be standing next to the people I’ve grown up with, walking with them, taking pictures in caps and gowns, going to a million graduation parties, and soon saying goodbye to the best friends I’ve known.


The swim season is also half way done. Many times I wish I had gone 6 years instead of 4. But now I only  wish I had more time with the friends I’ve made, and I know I will forsure visit next year!  Being a captain has allowed me to experiance leadership from a different point and I have a new found respect for everything my coaches do for me.

I’m excited what the rest of senior year has in store for me, and I’m excited to make a ton of memories along the way.  



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