Welcome to the life of a college student. Life is messy, hard, and oh so rewarding. This blog is going to be one woman’s exploration of faith on her own terms.

I originally started this blog to show off my lifestyle or do reviews on books (I love to read), but I was a boring Junior/Senior at the time, and I don’t have that entertaining of a life or any success in any career yet so writing about that stuff never ended up happening. I have decided to just dedicate this blog to my thoughts or feeling towards to my faith or other lovely topics that I feel passionate towards. God is number one in my life and he will receive all the glory for anything I do write about.

I will still tell you a little about myself though.

I am currently attending Bethel University in St. Paul. I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Biblical and Theological Studies working towards getting into the Physician Assistant program here at Bethel. I love my school honestly. The atmosphere, vibes, and being surrounded with peers on fire for Christ inspires me everyday to get out of bed.

I am a person who loves to be busy and involved, but I am going to try to write down my thoughts and feelings hence the revival of the Emerald Chic posts. If anyone is wondering how I chose the name Emerald Chic, My initials are OZ so the Wizard of OZ has greatly impacted my Life and nickname options with the Emerald city and especially the fact that my eyes turn green.




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